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RECAP: Ep. 543 | Red Alert: Firestorm In Progress | Daily Dose

Financial Collapse

OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire

US stocks declined with weakness in large caps and tech as yields edged higher - Newsquawk Asia-Pac Market Open

Former assistant US Treasury secretary warns of dollar collapse, ‘raging inflation,’ digital currency

Substack writer Matt Taibbi says IRS visited his home while he was testifying in Congress: Cruz, Musk weigh in

Woke Disney Begins Mass Layoffs with TV Production, Acquisition Employees

US charges Sam Bankman-Fried for bribing Chinese officials - Insider Paper

The FDIC had trouble selling off Silicon Valley Bank. The deal with First Citizens Bank is far from a win:

Jamie Dimon In Hot-Seat As Sworn Deposition Looms In Epstein Lawsuits

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled

Local/Social Destabilization

#BREAKING: Grand Central Terminal Evacuated for Hazmat Investigation

Madonna To Protest Tennessee Law Banning Sex Change Operations & Drag Shows For Kids - News Punch

Wash, blow dry & talk to me about global warming please: Hairdressers trained to talk about ‘climate action’ to customers


Nashville shooter felt 'no other effective way to be seen,' radical trans group says

Pumas going in. Vans going out. All bullshit. Used a pre recorded training video. Explains why they released the body cam footage so quickly. They had it all set up and ready to go.

(Graphic / censored)

No flame and then 30 minutes later big red and yellow flames. These heathens are getting SLOPPY!

Imagine being a straight white man on Twitter attacking the LGBTQ+ community over yesterday's mass shooting, when over 77% of mass shooters in the US over the last 10 years were straight white men, even though they make up just 27% of the populace.

"I mean, like, we met each other fighting for gun control at our first mass shooting. And now here we are, like, on vacation and another one breaks out!"

"Like, Oh maGOSH! What are the ODDS?!?"

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: "I’m tired of trying to find a way to justify you being able to keep 75 guns in your house!"

Trans Napoleon Dynamite making threats against normies

Trans activist goes on unhinged rant calling on trans people in Tennessee to fight. “Beat them, hurt them.”



This is what happens when you try to raise the age of retirement for the average French worker by 2 years

Political Corruption

(Clip 0:28 - Joe Biden isn’t well…)

Shocking Biden hot-mic reveals how handlers program his every move


Yes, this is 100% real.

Joe Biden: Congress Must Enact Gun Control – ‘I Have Done the Full Extent of My Executive Authority’

Chris Christie tells New Hampshire crowd only he can topple Donald Trump

Biden Orders Retaliatory Airstrikes in Syria After U.S. Forces Killed - The New American

UK raises terror threat level in Northern Ireland to 'severe' - Insider Paper

Ethics Committee Approves New Lobbying Rules That Will 'Legalize Bribery,' Say Canadian Citizen Groups

(clip 1:33)


absolutely hammers Sec Mayorkas about the border and human trafficking.

This incompetent bureaucracy needs to resign. Periods.


Bill Gates praises WHO plan for global network of ‘pandemic firefighters’

World War III

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark Strike Deal to Operate Unified Nordic Air Defense Force

Russian Plans on Stationing Tactical Nukes in Belarus

Russian company unveils ChatGPT competitor

Supply-Chain & Infrastructure Destabilization

JUST IN - Several barges, one containing 1,400 tons of methanol, loose on the Ohio River near Louisville

70-Car Train Derails In North Dakota, Spills Hazardous Materials

Tractor-driving protesters descend on German town to oppose limits on FARM ANIMALS

A truck carrying flour looted in Peshawar, Pakistan as the country faces it's worst economic and political crisis since formation and is on the verge of debt default.

JUST IN - Internet connectivity disrupted in Portland, Oregon on Comcast Xfinity after an RV caught fire and damaged overhead fiber lines: NetBlocks

Great Reset

UN Advisor Sophia Kianni says the quiet part out loud! ‘Remember when we treated COVID-19 like an emergency? Well it’s time to do the same for climate change’

Report: Wind industry & the gov’t colluding to mislead public about the true cost of wind energy – FOI reveals

Market for Fake Food Projected to Hit $3 Trillion

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